Human Resources

  • Account Executives assigned to each customer

  • Trained and experienced personnel prepared to classify products

  • Expert personnel trained in Hazardous Materials Tariff Classification

  • Trained personnel in VUCEM

  • Staff at main ports of entry into Mexico

  • Internal and external legal advisors

  • External legal advisors specialized in foreign trade (Troncoso Troncoso and Consultants)


  • Communication tools: telephone, radio, Nextel, emails, video conferencing

  • Data Storage Tools: Computers, external hard drives, scanning equipment, digital cameras / video, etc.

  • Slam Traffic System, Darwin IMPORT REQUEST system, Slam web, Slam reports, Slam Cove, corporate IMPORT REQUEST

  • High Volume Scanner for documents, accounting system, electronic billing



  • Reports - monthly (accounting, suppliers, operations, VAT, etc..) And special reports are generated as required

  • Digitalization of Archives - Documents used in daily operations, are digitized and stored on servers, with access to our customers

  • Communication - We keep constant communication with customers via electronic media, keeping them informed of the trade issues that affect them

  • Contingency Procedures – Set plan used in emergency situations (system crash / natural events) to reroute operating through other ports of entry